The artist was born in 1959 in Elazığ. He met a French artist and art historian Didier Vacher in 1989 at Beyoğlu. Art Gallery and by Didier’s interest and help did atelier work between the years 1989-2003 both in İstanbul and France. Mainly, focus on oil color with a knife, and the artist has held 44 personal exhibitions in the country and abroad until today and uses the spatula technique.



1995 Le Grand Aigle D'or ,Le val

1994 Diplome d'excelellence la me'daille D'or ,Le val

1990 Citoyon d'honneur-la me'daille D'or ,Le val

Selected Solo Exhibitions


  • 2015-"Reflections from My Palette III", Terakki Vakfı Art Gallery, Istanbul

  • 2015-Orkun Ozan Art Gallery, Antalya

  • 2014-"Reflections from My Palette II", Terakki Vakfı Art Gallery, Istanbul

  • 2011-"Reflections from My Palette", Terakki Vakfı Art Gallery, Istanbul

  • 2008-Vakıfbank Atakule Art Gallery, Ankara

  • 2007-Terakki Foundation Art Gallery, Istanbul

  • 2007-Bude Art Gallery, Ankara

  • 2006-Orkun – Ozan Art Gallery, Antalya

  • 2006-Bude Art Gallery, Ankara

  • 2005-Tuyap 15th Artist Exhibition, Istanbul

  • 2005-Jazz Now Art Center, Bodrum

  • 2004-Galrie d’Art de la rue Francaise, Istanbul

  • 2004-Terakki Foundation Art Gallery, Istanbul

  • 2004-Altamira Art Gallery, Mersin 

  • 2003-T-S & G-S Art Gallery, Ankara

  • 2003-Küyad Art Gallery, Istanbul

  • 2003-Orkun – Ozan Art Gallery, Antalya

  • 2002-Koleksiyon Art Gallery, Çırağan Palace, Istanbul

  • 2001-Orkun – Ozan Art Gallery, Antalya

  • 2001-Ortaköy Cultural Center, Istanbul

  • 2000-Dam Art Gallery, Bilkent - Ankara

  • 2000-Espace Original, Montilivet, Bardeauc, France

  • 2000-Gallery Le Moulin a Huile, Tolun, France

  • 2000-Ortaköy Cultural Center, Istanbul

  • 2000-Dam Art Gallery, Bilkent - Ankara

  • 1999-Orkun – Ozan Art Gallery, Antalya

  • 1998-Orkun – Ozan Art Gallery, Antalya

  • 1998-Science Art Gallery, Istanbul

  • 1997-Gallery Le Moulin a Huile, Le Val, France

  • 1997-Orkun – Ozan Art Gallery, Antalya

  • 1996-Orkun – Ozan Art Gallery, Antalya

  • 1996-Radio S Art Gallery, Bursa

  • 1996-Dam Art Gallery, Ankara

  • 1995-Dr Füsun Kahveci Art Gallery, Istanbul

  • 1995-Gallery Le Moulin a Huile, Le Val, France

  • 1995-Gallery d’Art du Palais Royal Paris, France

  • 1994-Gallery Le Moulin a Huile, Le Val, France

  • 1993-Başak Art Gallery, Istanbul

  • 1993-French Cultural Center, Istanbul

  • 1992-Gallery Mazarine, Axi en, Provence, France

  • 1992-Science and Art Gallery, Istanbul

  • 1990-Gallery le Mouin a Huile, Le Vall, France

  • 1990-Art and Cultural Center, Mersin

  • 1989-Beyoğlu Municipality Art Gallery, Istanbul

  • 1989-Gallery Exhibition Center, Istanbul

  • 1988-Beyoğlu Municipality Art Gallery, Istanbul

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